Sunday 3 March 2024

Tranquility Above the Waves: Unveiling Angels Field in Second Life


A flock of geese gracefully soaring over  Angels Field

Ascend to a haven of serenity at Angels Field, nestled high above the Angels Beach Resort in Second Life. Created by Maelyne Sayann (maelyne05), this platform offers a pastoral peaceful haven far removed from the sandy shores below. To reach it from the landing point at the beach, select Angels Field from the adjacent Teleport Board.

A stream bisects the platform,  carving a path eastward 
 At Angels Field, lush greenery carpets the landscape, grazing horses, sheep, and adorable baby alpacas, add to the idyllic charm.

Adorable baby alpacas, add to the idyllic charm

 A fast-flowing stream bisects the platform, its crystal-clear waters carving a path eastward before cascading down the western edge. As sunlight dances through the spray, a permanent rainbow graces the scene, adding a touch of magic to the vista.

 As sunlight dances through the spray, a permanent rainbow graces the scene

 Gaze upon a flock of geese gracefully soaring overhead, while playful otters frolic along the stream's bank.

Grazing horses among the multitude of wildflowers  

Angels Field is a haven for photography enthusiasts seeking to capture the essence of tranquility. With its picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife, and stunning water features, every corner offers a unique photo opportunity.

You may even catch a glimpse of a Unicorn or two at Angels Field

Teleport to Angels Beach Resort  - Remember from here select Angels Field from the adjacent Teleport Board. 

Thursday 1 February 2024

Through the Keyhole: Miniature Marvels at Cassie Eldemar's Exhibition - Second Life

Prairie Library with sides open to display contents

Today, I embarked on a captivating journey through Cassie Eldemar's mesmerizing miniature houses exhibition at "TANGO with NOTTOO." What I found there were not mere dollhouses; they're portals to meticulously crafted universes brimming with life and imagination.

Eight miniature masterpieces stand proudly, each boasting a unique personality. From the towering elegance of the lighthouse, its spiral staircase beckoning exploration, to the cosy charm of the residential houses, each structure is a testament to Cassie's artistic vision.

The Olde Lighthouse

The magic truly unfolds when you click your mouse, like an invitation to unlock a secret world. Walls swing open, revealing breath-taking interiors meticulously furnished with astonishing detail. The lighthouse, for instance, harbours a cosy living space nestled among nautical instruments, while the public library shelves overflow with miniature tomes, inviting whispered knowledge. Every nook and cranny whispers a story, from the crackling fire in the hearth to the neatly set dining table, promising tales of warmth and domesticity.

The ground floor of the Olde Lighthouse

Cassie's notecard beautifully summarizes the heart of her work: "All of the dollhouses and historic miniatures are made from prims. Sometimes as many as 2000 of them! As the build takes shape, I organise the prims into large groups and link them together. Then I use a script that converts the prims to mesh. Or as I like to think, there's a lot of magic involved."

Indeed, the sheer dedication and meticulousness poured into each building is palpable. These aren't just miniature recreations; they're expressions of passion, breathing life into the pixelated world with captivating realism.

The Observatory with the side open to display contents

Beyond the technical brilliance, however, lies the emotional resonance of Cassie's creations. Each house whispers tales of everyday life, reminding us of the beauty and magic hidden within the seemingly ordinary. They invite us to shrink ourselves, to peer through the keyhole and rediscover the wonder in the small things, the warmth in cosy corners, and the stories tucked away in every nook and cranny.

Inside the Prairie Library - First floor

Go and visit the exhibition yourself and marvel at the detail - Miniature Houses Exhibition - at Tango with Nottoo.

Guest Blogger - Sam Rougefeu

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Sparks of Courage: The Bryant & May Match Factory and the Spirit of Resistance in Second Life


It was Joe Magarac's (animats) photograph that caught my attention, a Dickensian scene, women and young girls, working in a dreary bare bricked warehouse, a lone overseer perched like a vulture above. The caption, "All the girls working hard, the boss is watching," hinted at a story far deeper than pixels and avatars. This wasn't just a Second Life scene; it was a portal to a bygone era of grit and smoke, of women's sweat and phosphorous whispers.

Following the breadcrumb trail of a teleport link, I found myself transported to the very heart of this virtual vignette. Here, in the shadow of New Babbage's dark satanic Victorian industrial gloom, stood a brick archway leading to the Bryant & May Match Factory. But this wasn't just any factory; it was a monument to a forgotten chapter in labour history, a silent echo of the matchgirls' rebellion.

Formed in 1843 by Quaker businessmen, Bryant & May had risen to become the match-making behemoth of England. Behind its seemingly respectable facade, however, lurked a grim reality. Five thousand souls, mostly women and children, toiled within its walls, bound by a web of brutal exploitation. Dawn to dusk, their fingers dipped into flickering phosphorous, the noxious fumes gnawing at their lungs, the yellowing of their skin a grim harbinger of a disease with an unpronounceable name – phossy jaw

Then came a whisper, a spark that ignited into a blaze. A lone voice, Annie Besant, penned a searing indictment of their plight, igniting a firestorm of public outrage. The women, their spirits hardened by hardship, refused to bend. Under Besant's defiant banner, they formed the Matchmakers' Union, their voices rising in a chorus of "No More!" The strike that followed was a crucible of grit. Three weeks of hardship, of empty bellies and flickering hope. Yet, they held their ground, their unity an unyielding bulwark against the factory's might. Finally, under the weight of public pressure and a dwindling workforce, the company crumbled. The fines system vanished, the brutal foremen shuffled away, and a canteen, a symbol of humanity, rose within the factory walls.

This, the legacy of the matchgirls, is what Anne (anne.aurelia) seeks to bring to life in her Second Life creation. Standing at the threshold of her virtual factory, we aren't just stepping into pixels; we're stepping into a testament to the enduring human spirit, a reminder that even amidst the din of clattering machinery and the stink of phosphorous, courage can bloom like a defiant wildflower. Sunlight bleeds through the soot-stained sky of New Babbage, casting long shadows across the brickwork that stands before you. This isn't just any Second Life landmark; it's a portal to a bygone era, a poignant echo of the whispers and clatter of the Bryant & May Match factory. This is where history and pixels collide, where Anne has woven a virtual tapestry of worker defiance and forgotten courage.

Stepping through the arched gateway, you're transported into the heart of an industrial ballet. Figures in period garb move, their silent rhythmic work punctuated by the clack of machinery. But look closer, and you'll find more than just historical accuracy. Among the animated workers, ghosts of the past walk anew. Sarah Chapman, the strike's firebrand, her pixelated eyes glinting with quiet resolve. Mary Driscoll, Ellen Johnson, Louise Beck, here are to the women who dared to raise their voices against the tide of exploitation.

Anne's ambition extends beyond the Brant & May buildings. This factory is just the first brick in a sprawling narrative. A Victorian workhouse awaits, a ragged school is planned ready to tell the tale of forgotten children, and beyond the pale walls of a Poor Law Union Office, the spirit of Annie Besant, the firebrand journalist who ignited the flames of public outcry, will soon take virtual form.
Each building, each animated figure, breathes life into a forgotten chapter of social history. It's a testament to the human spirit, refusing to be crushed by hardship, a reminder that even in the grimmest shadows, embers of courage can always glow.

So come, step into this virtual vortex. Witness the spark that ignited a firestorm of change. Walk the cobbled streets of New Babbage, not just as a tourist, but as a participant in a story that transcends pixels and polygons. Learn about the women who dared to fight for their rights, and in doing so, paved the way for a fairer world. For the echoes of their bravery still resonate today, urging us to keep the flames of worker rights and social justice burning bright.


The Matchgirls Memorial 

Matchgirls  Strike Wiki  

The Matchgirls Strike of 1888 recounted by Annie Besant

Guest Blogger - Sam Rougefeu

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Elvion: A Tranquil Paradise Returns to Second Life

Calling all nature lovers, serenity seekers, and photography enthusiasts! One of 2023's most beloved natural regions, Elvion, has made a triumphant return under the skilled hands of Bo Zano (BoZanoNL) and Una Zano (UnaMayLi). This time, however, the landscape has shed its post-apocalyptic cloak, embracing the vibrant beauty of the "here and now."

Step into Elvion and be greeted by a vast expanse of shimmering water, cradled by verdant shores. A majestic waterfall cascades from the north, its gentle roar harmonizing with birdsong . Bo Zano has expertly crafted a shared environment (windlight) that bathes the entire region in a soft, peaceful light, instantly soothing the soul.

Elvion is a masterclass in subtle artistry. Bo has resisted the urge to overpopulate the landscape, allowing the inherent beauty of nature to take centre stage. The placement of flora and fauna feels organic and balanced, mirroring the real world's symphony of sound and movement. Waves gently lap against the shores, the waterfall thunders majestically, and birdsong fills the air, creating a captivating aural tapestry. You'll find no jarring repetitions or overwhelming noise, just a symphony of nature's soundtrack.

Bo understands the photographer's heart. Every corner of Elvion beckons with stunning vistas and intimate details, begging to be captured through the lens. And to empower budding artists, Bo generously grants rez rights to group members (the group is free to join!), allowing you to personalize your shots and capture unique perspectives.

Beyond the photographer's paradise lies a sanctuary for weary souls. The soft lighting, the calming sounds of nature, and the abundance of intimate seating areas make Elvion the perfect haven for relaxation and social connection. Imagine cosy moments with loved ones, quiet contemplation beside the water, or simply basking in the tranquillity of this virtual oasis.

Whether you're a passionate photographer, a nature enthusiast seeking solace, or simply looking for a place to reconnect with friends, Elvion welcomes you with open arms. Its beauty transcends individual interests, offering a universal escape into the heart of nature's embrace.

Don't miss your chance to experience Elvion's magic first hand. Dive into this tranquil paradise and rediscover the wonder and peace that nature offers, pixel by pixel.

Visit ELVION - The Green Paradise,

Post your pictures with the Elvion flickr group and the Second Life Destinations Flickr group

For more interesting destinations follow this blog

You can also find us on Facebook!

Guest blogger - Sam Rougefeu

Saturday 13 January 2024

Nature and Animal Impressions: A Gallery Walk in Second Life

Intrigued by Susann Decuir's passion for capturing Second Life's landscapes and creatures, I ventured into NovaOwl Gallery's ground level space for "Nature and Animal Impressions." This intimate exhibition showcases ten photographs, offering a glimpse into Susann's artistic eye and her deep connection to the virtual world.

Stepping into the gallery, a subtle blend of nature and concrete greets you. Susann has softened the harsh lines of the walls by adding grass, shrubs, and you even encounter virtual birds. This gentle blurring between the built and natural sets the stage for the ten carefully curated photographs ahead.

Susann's artistry shines through in her precise compositions and thoughtful subject matter. Each image feels deliberate, inviting you to linger and ponder the scene. The solitary elephant titled "Loneliness" evokes a poignant mood, while a flock of geese and chickens playfully captioned as "... a dangerous confrontation between two gangs" injects a touch of humour.

Susann's dedication to showcasing the inherent beauty of Second Life is evident. She uses minimal editing, relying on the talent of sim designers and the platform's own EEP settings to create images that feel authentic and grounded. This dedication shines through, allowing the landscapes and creatures to speak for themselves.

Whether you're a seasoned Second Life photographer or simply enjoy nature's beauty, "Nature and Animal Impressions" offers a compelling perspective. It's a testament to Susann's passion, technical skill, and ability to weave captivating narratives within the digital realm.

Beyond the Gallery:

For those who want to delve deeper into Susann's artistic journey, be sure to visit her blog ( and Flickr page ( Her daily blog entries showcase her keen eye for detail and dedication to exploring the virtual world, both through stunning photography and engaging narratives.

"Nature and Animal Impressions" runs throughout January and February at NovaOwl Gallery. Don't miss this opportunity to appreciate Susann's vision and experience the beauty of Second Life through her lens.

Post by Guest Blogger - Sam Rougefeu

Friday 12 January 2024

Kawayan at Tubig: Tranquility and Cultural Insights in Second Life


Nestled amidst the vibrant pixels of Second Life lies Kawayan at Tubig,
a serene haven inspired by the real-life beauty of Lake Sebu in the Philippines. Created by Flicker Bayn (flicker.bayn), this region offers more than just stunning visuals; it's a digital embrace of cultural appreciation and a glimpse into the lives of the T'boli peoples.

Flicker describes Kawayan at Tubig as a personal refuge transformed into a shared sanctuary. Stepping into this virtual world, you're greeted by a tapestry of bamboo and water, whispering tales of resilience and hope. Lush greenery stretches towards a shimmering lake, dotted with traditional houses and teeming with diverse wildlife

While the region's visual splendor is undeniable,
its deeper purpose shines through in subtle ways. Flicker has interwoven informative notes throughout the landscape, inviting you to discover the rich heritage of the T'boli people. These unobtrusive nuggets of knowledge reveal fascinating aspects of their culture, traditions, and connection to the land.

Kawayan at Tubig offers two avenues for exploration:

  • Tranquil Escapade: Simply relax and soak in the serenity. Take in the ambient sounds of birdsong and frogs, and admire the vibrant lotus flowers that paint the lake with pops of colour. This is a perfect spot to unwind, chat with friends, or capture picturesque moments.

  • Cultural Immersion: Delve deeper into the world of the T'boli tribe. Discover their intricate textiles, captivating music, and unique way of life through the thoughtfully placed information notes. This optional yet enriching layer adds a meaningful dimension to your visit.

Kawayan at Tubig is not just a pretty Second Life region; it's a window into a vibrant culture and a testament to the power of digital storytelling. Its charm lies in its harmonious blend of tranquility, natural beauty, and cultural insights. So, if you're seeking a peaceful escape with a touch of cultural enrichment, look no further than Kawayan at Tubig. Let this digital sanctuary transport you to a world of vibrant colours, soothing sounds, and a fascinating glimpse into the heart of the Philippines.

Thursday 28 December 2023

Japanese Shrines and the Goshuin Project Second Life


Yozakura Shrine

Have you ever wanted to visit Japan and experience its rich culture and traditions? If so,

you might be interested in the Goshuin Project, a new initiative that allows you to collect

virtual stamps from different shrines and temples in Second Life.

What are Goshuin Stamps?

Goshuin are calligraphic red seals found in Japanese Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

They typically include the name of the shrine, the date, and some additional information.

Every shrine and temple has its own Goshuin.

It is a lovely, one-of-a-kind souvenir to remind you of your visit.

Goshuin translates into English as honourable red seal.

The organiser of the Goshuin Project in Second Life is Sakka Flow who explained the idea

. - source link [] - translation via

Google Translate “Collecting Goshuin stamps is a custom that is widely popular in RL Japan

as proof of visiting shrines and temples. At Second Life, we launched this project for the

first time this year with the owner of a shrine so that we can incorporate this custom and

enjoy the New Year even more. People who run shrines and temples distribute original

shrine stamps (textures) to worshipers and worshipers save the obtained Goshuin textures

in their Goshuin books to create memories.”

Where to find the goshuin books and stamps

The books and stamps are provided free at each shrine, as shown in the illustration below.

Each book can hold ten stamps.

Where to find the shrines

You can check the list of shrines on the google spreadsheet, which includes the SLURL, Shrine name and other helpful information.

Hamamura Shrine

Warbunton Shrine

Doroshi Hachimangu

Neo Tanpopo

umigami shrine

WQNC shrine

This is an exciting project, good luck with your Goshuin Collection.

Guest post Sam Rougefeu