Monday, 23 March 2020

Fantasy in Flight - Desy Magic - Philadelphia Museum of Art - Second Life

A new exhibition by Italian artist, Desy Magic has recently opened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
The accompanying notecard to the exhibition states "Desy loves to photograph and experiment with shapes and colors in various styles and learn new techniques. Desy feels when photographing or drawing it is as if you are exploring a visual reality made up of direct mental associations that arise from the mind, thus freeing the interpretation. Photography or artistic image for her is like a manifest emotion, something essentially poetic."
All of the works on display have bright vibrant colours, although the styles differ one to another, some are relatively straight forward whilst others are very stylised and post-processed works.
One thing they do have in common is a feeling of intensity, of passion.
The exhibition is due to remain open for approximately a month
  Desy Magic Flickr photostream  Desy Magic in Scoop-it   An interview with Desy (In Italian)
Teleport to Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Blue Tinker Group, Arkon, Second life

I saw a picture on Flickr by Atlan Bade of a strange little figure gardening, which intrigued me enough to follow the quoted SLurl  and take a closer look. 
The landing point was on a small platform on which was a house and garden.  Inside the house were two more of the little blue figures hard at work cleaning, so I thought I would give them a hand!

The little people are 'Blue Tinkers'. the creation of Atlan's partner, Stellastern7, and there are not just the two that are doing the cleaning; they are all around, and not all of then are hard-working either. Two of them, for example, are having a quiet smoke while sat in an ashtray.
After exploring the house, I decided it was time to visit the garden. Did I mention that the house must belong to giants? Here I am next to the resident cat.
Outside there were many more Blue Tinkers; doing things like mowing grass in a flowerpot or preparing a salad by slicing cucumber with a chainsaw.

The Blue Tinker group put a smile on my face, why not visit it and see if it amuses you too.
Teleport to Blue Tinker Group      Arkon Flickr group
Stella Stern Flickr photostream -  Stella has posted some amusing pictures of blue Tinkers to her photostream.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

A heart warming blaze of colour at Lawst Paradise Art Gallery - Second life

 During my visit recent visit to New Resident Island, I noticed in the Northeast corner of the region, the Lawst Paradise Art Gallery  I thought I would pop in out of curiosity.  Wow!  I am very glad that I did.

For the most part, the items on display are Fractals, which together with other 2D and 3D geometric art have been created by Treacle Darlandes.  I love bright colours, and I love fractals;  the slowly swirling pieces of art which remind me of a much-loved Kaleidoscope I owned as a child.
Also on display is a collection of pottery created by Liana Lurra, whose pots and vases complement Treacle's work well
There is one final part feature of the gallery I should mention. In an alcove on the ground floor (first floor for my American reader) there stands a Musical sculpture by Treacle. called "Guardian Angel of our Hearts" the sculpture is playing original music by Danish composer Claus Gahrn (nicolaus.skytower)   The combination of the fractals, pottery, lighting and ethereal music is an experience  I can highly recommend.

Friday, 28 February 2020

New Resident Island

New Resident Island viewed from above
While I was out exploring recently  I stumbled upon New Resident Island
The brightly coloured buildings of New Resident Island
My first impressions were positive, I liked the brightly coloured slightly quirky buildings used in the town, which were created by Kayle Matzerath.
Profiles of the New Resident Island Services volunteers
Initially, I thought the Island was owned by the Linden Department of Public Works, however, on reading the signs I discovered it is actually run by a private group, New Resident Island Services, a team of dedicated volunteers led by Treacle Darlandes who are on hand to help visitors.
Treacle posted in 2011 about an interesting experience that shaped her involvement with Second life.

I was new, not good with computers, and bored. I was wearing a short skirt and blingy chest rings, blinging far and wide through my freebie leather jacket. It seemed that was the thing to do. Second Life appeared to be lacking in depth and communication and I saw males running around wearing unmentionable attachments. (I had clearly been to the wrong places).
“There must be some sensible people here somewhere” I thought. “Maybe there are some nice people at a yachting club”. I searched and found Nantucket Yacht Club and teleported onto a jetty.
There was a man.No silly attachments, no fancy skin, no chat up lines. And very oddly… no talking at all!I said hello, but he did not answer.Now, when you are new in Second Life, you don’t understand about chat lag, AFK, invisible avatar… so I believed this person was truly ignoring me.I said “hello” again. No answer.Off I walked and viewed the boats. Up one jetty, down the next. Then I arrived back where the man was. I said hello again.Still no reply.Determined, I asked “Do you have a yacht here?”Sigh.I walked away pretty much in disgust really at being ignored several times. Then… as I was leaving… I saw very faintly on my screen…"...Yes."Maybe he does not speak English, I thought.Then the next word from him…
This was odd, but clearly this man was asking if I wanted to sail in his boat! I accepted and followed the man as he walked along the jettys to his yacht.
The sailing was just amazing! (Although in silence!)
I had not experienced anything like it! I asked him if I could take photographs. He said yes.
The sea, the land, the turns, the commands, a skipper on a small yacht, sailing it just for me. After a long time out to sea, we returned to the jetty.
The man stood up and walked away — without a word — to the clubhouse.
Well, as I like to talk, I really couldn’t accept this. I followed and walked to him and asked “What language do you speak?”
No reply.
It was puzzling.
There were others in the clubhouse. Ravishal Bentham sent me an IM.
“Have you read his profile?”
I was new, why would I think doing of that?
So I did.
That was the moment that changed my Second Life.
The man's name was Djduerer Zou.
 Friendly, kind, tall, bedridden, sailor.
✲ Can barely type.
 Difficulty seeing, too.
 It gets worse in the afternoon SLT time.
 I use gestures to speak.
 In my life I am terminally ill (soon dead) with progressive brain disease,  OPCA  also known  as MSA.  
 No regrets, lived passionately.
 SL is my life.
I couldn’t imagine to have ever read such a thing or met such a person in SL.
The reality of the situation made my mind whirl. I had been sailing with a man who was living the last days of his Real Life here, in Second Life, living the Real Life that he had known. As a sailor.
My computer was a blur. There was something different here.
Djduerer managed to type:
“I think he is asking you to dance,” wrote Ravishal in an IM.
After the short dance, I walked outside and stood my avatar looking out to sea.
I logged off Second Life with a hollow feeling inside but at the same time — a spark — a feeling that there was real life here in these avatars.
After this day I returned twice to see Djduerer, and both times he took me sailing. I dropped the bling chest rings and lengthened my skirt!
I talked to him, not expecting a reply.
I remember once as we were sailing saying to him,
“You must have had a wonderful Real Life at sea."
His answer made me happy and sad at the same time…
”Yes!!!!!!!!!” he said.
Four years — or more — later, when I am helping new people, this experience is never far from my mind.
At no time has anything in Second Life ever taught me so much as the day I met Djduerer Zou and discovered who was really behind the avatar.
I have used my experience of meeting Djduerer to explain to others about Second Life and to help them to have an open mind.
I doubt my presence here meant much to Djduerer. If I kept him company for a few sailings, that makes me happy, but Djduerer’s presence in Second Life meant so much to me.
He taught me the most important lesson I have learned here, and I am grateful for that moment we met — it showed me what online living can really mean.
- Treacle Darlandes


He described himself in his profile:
Then, a couple of weeks later, I heard that Djduerer had passed away.

Published with the kind permission of the real-life widow of Djduerer Zou.
A guide to using the camera controls
All over the island are areas designed to assist new residents, and those returning after a period away from Second Life to familiarise themselves with the essentials to enable them to make the most of the virtual world.
Explaining the difference between a classic & a mesh body
How to change the time of day in Second Life

Teleports are available to move quickly around the island
The guide on how to change your avatar includes a free Bladen Cat Avatar.
 The support offered includes a wide selection of free clothes, a.o.s, and even complete avatars. While most items are only free for avatars under 365 days old, some are available for anyone. I think I look pretty good in the picture above wearing a Bladen Cat avatar!

If you know any new residents that need help, I can recommend sending them to New Resident Island.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

A Round With Annie

Mini-Golf Course - LebensRaum [The Dream of Asia ]
I have never played Mini-Golf in Second Life so when I found out it was available at LebensRaum, I went to have a look.
Teleport Board - LebensRaum
On arrival, I selected 'Game Zone' on the Teleport Board

Mini-Golf Ticket Booth
A left-click on the board to the left of the ticket booth gives you a scorecard. To play is completely free despite the dollar sign at the booth!

1st Hole
At the first hole. The club appears and you provided you accept attaches itself to you. Notice the scorecard on the left of the screen.  You use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to line up your shot and then the left mouse button to putt.

Will I finally sink the putt?
There are seven holes in total, here I am just about to complete the second hole

Hole 5 is challenging

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Exploring Maple Cross - Second Life

UPDATE -  Of course almost as soon as I blogged this the horse rezzer moved. The good news is there are now TWO. They are now located  at The Mousehole, Greenbow   and the rear of The Drowned Mouse, Navigation 

Animesh riding horse rezzer 
For anyone wanting to explore Bellisseria, the new Second Life continent, one option is on horseback, thanks to a horse rezzer which has been installed, free to use at the Mousehole, Maple Cross.
I found the rezzer easy to use; you can read a well written detailed review of the Teegle Animesh horse, here
It is 'open house' at Mousehole, owned by Teager, so I took the opportunity to wander around and try a cup of hot chocolate.
Sampling a chocolate drink at The Mousehole
Quite close to the house is a raised park set back from the road, a place to sit and relax with friends.
Maple Cross Park

Monday, 15 April 2019

Five reasons to visit - On the other Side, The Horizon, Second Life

Lavender Meadow  on the other Side

Over the last five years, I have travelled the length and breadth of Second life every day visiting countless sims while I collated other virtual explorers blogs on my Scoop-it page, Second Life Destinations, which I am proud to report has over 36000 followers.  But what places do I personally like to visit and why?  I thought I would share in no particular order some of my favourites with you, and why you should visit them.

Today's selection is "On the other Side" a Homestead Region designed by Michelle (xxmichelle20xx) and Indriel (indrielx).
The Butterfly Cave - On the other Side
Reason One - The Landing Point
It is often said that first impressions are important, and I love the Landing Point for the sim, a cave filled with blue butterflies, some resting on the walls, roof and floor of the cave, whilst others fill the air, dancing around you. A very memorable and spectacular entrance. Also in the cave is a teleport Michelle's shop, (JAS) main store, a link to the Other Side Flickr group, and a blogger link board,  The exit to the cave is not immediately apparent, however a large stone block when touched slides to reveal the way into the sim. This 'secret doorway' together with the kaleidoscope of butterflies makes for a great start to the visit.
Pandas - On the other Side
Reason Two - Pandas
There are Pandas here, and I like Pandas; actually, I like Pandas very much!
Jaguars -  On the other Side
Reason Three - Wildlife
Of course, the world does not just exist for pandas; well not solely for them  There are other animals. and the sim, which is, for the most part, a rural wetland is teeming with wildlife.  Here you can find deer, ducks, cranes,  egrets, crocodiles, goldfish,  cormorants, blackbirds, elephants and many more species,. If taking pictures of virtual wildlife is your thing, then you will find 'On the other Side' paradise.
Careless Alien Driver? on the other Side
Reason Four - Aliens
'On the other Side' is not a  fantasy build but neither is it a  straight virtual simulation of a real-life wetland either. Perhaps it is most accurate to say it has quirky features. In addition to deer and ducks, there is also a dragon flying above a tower, a mysterious rotating circle, inscribed with runes floating on one of the waterways, and perhaps most oddly of all, an alien paces up and down next to a crashed flying saucer. I find the juxtaposition of the normal, even mundane, with the extraordinary, very appealing.
Sitting with a friend On the Other Side
Reason Five - Activities
While a visually appealing sim catches the eye and draws you to it,  enthusiasm for viewing alien space ships or even photographing Pandas can quickly fade. Something else is needed. On the other Side has rideable Teegle horses, surfing with free rezzable surfboards and good waves, and plenty of places to sit with a loved one or friend.
Easter Egg Hunt - On the other Side
Reason Six - Easter Egg Hunt
OK counting has never been my strength. I just felt I should tell you that there is an Easter Egg Hunt going on at 'on the other Side' until the 22nd of April. I have also helpfully given you a strong visual clue as to where you might find the first egg!

I hope that I have sufficiently whetted your appetite enough to entice you to visit On the Other Side, if I have, be sure to visit soon because the sim is scheduled to close 13th May for redecoration.