Sunday, 17 October 2021

Second Life Destinations - End of an era


A wet night in Whitby
A wet night in Whitby

My collation of Second Life travel blogs was started 11th June 2013 as a response to reading Second Life residents questioning where they could find information about good places to visit on the grid.
Since then I have posted 23400 posts and had over half a million visits to the collation.

Nothing remains the same and I no longer find I have the energy to maintain this as I wish, I find myself missing blogs or making errors and so from today the will receive no further posts.

Thank you so much for all the support & encouragement I have received over the years.
I do hope that you will continue to follow the bloggers directly, it is easy to do just using a free feed aggregator like Feedly.

Annie Brightstar

Monday, 19 October 2020

dairoku kudou

I visited dairoku kudou after reading about it here, in a blog by Viruswriter, the build appealed to me because in her photographs it looked rather like  Kowloon one of my favourite sims.
On arrival at dairoku kudou I realised that the similarity to Kowloon was no accident,  Designer ] Emerico (sakimouni) intended it that way. " This is a Kowloon sim. At first, I was trying to build a city on the ground like Kowloon, but it didn't work, and so  I planned a city in an abandoned groundwater storage facility, with tunnels and waterways" It is these tunnels and waterway that make the build more interesting you can work your way downwards through a number of levels.

I like dairoku kudou for its originality. There is plenty to explore and photo opportunities in this  rather rundown seedy Chinese district. Teleport to dairoku kudou 


Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The Relevance of Statues - Second Life

Mole Discovers First Sculpted Prim
All the current news about statues in the real world reminded me of a rather unprepossessing statue in Second Life that celebrates a huge step forward in the virtual world.

Back in 2006, working in the dark dangerous prim mines which honeycomb Heterocera,  a mole, sadly their name seems not to have been recorded, made a remarkable discovery as detailed for posterity on the plaque.

"This statue commemorates the discovery of sculpted prims in '06. Found in the prim mines of Heterocera, sculpted prims were immediately recognized as a new category of prim that would change the face of Second Life forever. This statue is dedicated to the brave Moles who delved into the pixelated crust of Heterocera Atoll in order to bring forth these valuable prims."

The statue is located alongside the West Coast Road,  close to a rezz zone and the YellowDots -"Chatty Cafe"-

If you want to combine a bit of extra  fun with your visit, there is a friendly mole  which allows you to rez a 4x4  and close by an Air Balloon rezzer
friendly mole  which allows you to rez a 4x4 

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Book Lovers Coffee Hour - Last Drop Cafe Edition! - Second Life

The fire is lit, a pie is in the oven, and a warm seat awaits you!

Join us this Tuesday, April 7th at 1pm SLT for a casual conversation about books...books you've read, books you want to read, books that have been on your bookshelf for years that you may never get around to get the idea.

All are welcome, so bring a friend! Hope to see you then at the Last Drop cafe

Monday, 23 March 2020

Fantasy in Flight - Desy Magic - Philadelphia Museum of Art - Second Life

A new exhibition by Italian artist, Desy Magic has recently opened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art,
The accompanying notecard to the exhibition states "Desy loves to photograph and experiment with shapes and colors in various styles and learn new techniques. Desy feels when photographing or drawing it is as if you are exploring a visual reality made up of direct mental associations that arise from the mind, thus freeing the interpretation. Photography or artistic image for her is like a manifest emotion, something essentially poetic."
All of the works on display have bright vibrant colours, although the styles differ one to another, some are relatively straight forward whilst others are very stylised and post-processed works.
One thing they do have in common is a feeling of intensity, of passion.
The exhibition is due to remain open for approximately a month
  Desy Magic Flickr photostream  Desy Magic in Scoop-it   An interview with Desy (In Italian)
Teleport to Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Blue Tinker Group, Arkon, Second life

I saw a picture on Flickr by Atlan Bade of a strange little figure gardening, which intrigued me enough to follow the quoted SLurl  and take a closer look. 
The landing point was on a small platform on which was a house and garden.  Inside the house were two more of the little blue figures hard at work cleaning, so I thought I would give them a hand!

The little people are 'Blue Tinkers'. the creation of Atlan's partner, Stellastern7, and there are not just the two that are doing the cleaning; they are all around, and not all of then are hard-working either. Two of them, for example, are having a quiet smoke while sat in an ashtray.
After exploring the house, I decided it was time to visit the garden. Did I mention that the house must belong to giants? Here I am next to the resident cat.
Outside there were many more Blue Tinkers; doing things like mowing grass in a flowerpot or preparing a salad by slicing cucumber with a chainsaw.

The Blue Tinker group put a smile on my face, why not visit it and see if it amuses you too.
Teleport to Blue Tinker Group      Arkon Flickr group
Stella Stern Flickr photostream -  Stella has posted some amusing pictures of blue Tinkers to her photostream.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

A heart warming blaze of colour at Lawst Paradise Art Gallery - Second life

 During my visit recent visit to New Resident Island, I noticed in the Northeast corner of the region, the Lawst Paradise Art Gallery  I thought I would pop in out of curiosity.  Wow!  I am very glad that I did.

For the most part, the items on display are Fractals, which together with other 2D and 3D geometric art have been created by Treacle Darlandes.  I love bright colours, and I love fractals;  the slowly swirling pieces of art which remind me of a much-loved Kaleidoscope I owned as a child.
Also on display is a collection of pottery created by Liana Lurra, whose pots and vases complement Treacle's work well
There is one final part feature of the gallery I should mention. In an alcove on the ground floor (first floor for my American reader) there stands a Musical sculpture by Treacle. called "Guardian Angel of our Hearts" the sculpture is playing original music by Danish composer Claus Gahrn (nicolaus.skytower)   The combination of the fractals, pottery, lighting and ethereal music is an experience  I can highly recommend.