Sunday, 3 January 2016

Australian Outback Christmas - Second Life

As you skate on the frozen lake at Calas Galadhon or explore the delightful "Let it Snow" sim; with Bing Crosby crooning about a White Christmas in your earphones, you could easily forget that in half the world Christmas falls in Summer. Today I visited Australian Outback Christmas owned by K A Y; where I found they celebrate Christmas a little different 'Down Under'.

The first thing I noticed was the feeling of dry heat. Kangaroos were sheltering from the sun under a white gum tree.

It is true that like in  the Northern Hemisphere, Santa Claus was here; but here he rode in  a truck rather than a sledge and Kangaroos replaced the Reindeer.

No traditional Turkey and Christmas Pudding here; instead it was a barbecue.

 Thankfully there was good Wi-Fi reception so I could still log on. Note the Possum in the picture. The Australian Outback seemed to be teeming with life and it was fun just searching round to see what could be find. Thankfully I didn't see any poisonous snakes or spiders!

There are lots of nice touches to be seen here and there. I particularly liked the dog watching the dripping tap as it sheltered from the sun under the porch.

If you want a break from all the snow covered sims why not visit the Australian Outback Christmas? I really enjoyed my time there.


  1. Hi Annie and welcome to the blogging world. Nice that you started your own blog for SL destinations. I wish you much success and a lot of readers. I add your feed to my RSS reader, so I do not miss a post.

    Regarding your question to the size of the embedded pictures after clicking on them. The first one opens within the blogger lightbox in full size. All other pictures below remain small. I assume you upload these photos in the displayed size. Then blogger is not able to scale them up to a larger format.

  2. Thanks for the welcome and the comment Maddy.
    I think I managed to delete the blog trying to adjust the photo sizes.
    Any tips or suggestions welcome