Saturday, 17 September 2016

The ART BOX - Second life's truly immersive Art Gallery to close

Described as a fully immersive Art Gallery, Art Box is a fun place to visit. Created by Frankie Rockett and Violet Sweetwater, the three story Art Box contains 3D representations of over seventy famous works of art, allowing you, the avatar, by using poseballs to be part of the picture.

For my sample three homages I chose Abbey Road by Ian MacMillan, Attack of the 50ft Woman by Reynold Brown and Lunch atop a Skycraper by Charles C Ebbett

For over eight years Art Box has a feature of Second Life attracting over forty-eight thousand visitors and the topic of blogs by among others Eddi Haskell, Maddy Gynoid and most recently Kinn Fiachra

On Thursday Frankie and violet advised that the Art Box will close its doors in November as they can no longer afford the $700 per year cost of keeping open. Whilst it may be the end of Art Box in Second Life all is not lost as all the sets are available in OSGrid.

My thanks to Jaëlle Faerye for alerting me to the impending closure.

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