Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I received a notecard headed 'Women of Science History Museum', via the SL group Culture and Fun, which read:
"The Women of Science History Museum was built as a monument to the all too often neglected, downplayed, or forgotten accomplishments of those scientists who also happen to be women. They have faced deep adversity and struggled to gain recognition due to their gender which makes their successes that much more impressive. Come and visit our lovely displays and also meet and mingle with others who appreciate them, too. "
Well of course I had to take a look:
Externally the Museum seemed inviting but rather small, however owner/curator Elliot (ladyangeldust) has made full use of space over three floors with information about among others Geologist, Florence Bascom, Naturalist, Maria Sidylla Merian, and Mathematician, Ada Lovelace.
In addition to the wall displays there are a number of relevant  three dimensional exhibits on all the floors,including laboratory tables, model insects and a computer.

Just when I thought there was no more to see I found on the third floor a teleport to a planetarium with more displays.

I really enjoyed my visit and plan to  drop  back regularly to see how the Museum develops.

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