Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tequila CumRise Club - The Latin Dance Club - Second Life

One way I was inspired to become a Second life traveler was through reading the blogs of legendary virtual adventuress Dahlia Jayaram whose exploits included swimming the length of the Blake Sea and traveling by balloon across entire continents of Second life. 
Dahlia no longer blogs but she still from time to time  records her discoveries on   Flickr and it was there that I spotted a reference to a new Latin Dance Club; the Tequila CumRise Club.

Despite some misgivings over the club name I decided to trust Dahlia's judgement and take a look and I am glad that I did. It is suggested on arrival that you set the windlight to midnight and the graphics as high as possible, preferably ultra, as it is the lighting, together with the exotic planting and props, that gives the club much of its atmosphere.

Entering the club, visitors pass through a sheer curtain which shows a couple dancing the tango

The dance floor itself is small giving an intimate feeling and is dimly lit (remember you have set the windlight to midnight or Phototools- Cafe Light 01)

I have never seen a DJ present on my visits but the soundcast stream playing, Tropicalisima Salsa 
is excellent.  The dances on the Humanoid Dance Machine and the Intal Couple Dance Anywhere Ball are modern and appropriate; that is they are salsa or latin; which might seem an obvious thing to have but sadly some clubs have very dated or unsuitable dances to offer.

Just off the main dance floor there are quieter areas you can sit and chat or flirt with friends or partners.

The attention to detail which adds so much to the ambience continues through to the bar area.

The guest singer was excellent:p

I think the club presents a good backdrop for  Second Life fashion photographers  and it has its own flickr group

So if you are looking for a new place to visit with a few friends and dance, then the
Tequila CumRise Club is well worth a visit.


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    1. Thanks for your support Winter! When are you going to start writing again? I miss your blog.

  2. Thx! Always looking for new places to dance in SL :)

    1. Hi Apmel! Thanks for reading my blog. Yes give the Club a try. I hope you enjoy it.