Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Canevale di Venezia - Second life

Although it is said to have originated as far back as 1162 after a military victory when the townsfolk danced  in San Marco Square to celebrate, the  Carnival of Venice or Carnevale di Venezia only started in its present form in 1979.  The revival of the tradition has been a huge success the festivities, with its programme  of gala dinners, parades, dances, masked balls and music events attracting three million tourists each year.

This year the celebrations in Venice run from 23 January to 9 February and in parallel  Venice @ PRADA SIM are also holding events over the same period.

I visited on the first day of the festival when a small flotilla of vessels of all shapes and sizes sailed through the canals.

Among the participants of the tour of the canal was well known Second Life blogger Yana Kawanishi

  It is interesting to compare the real life  St Marks Square

with the Venice @ PRADA SI, version. Perhaps the most obvious difference is the lack of pigeons!

Another view of St Marks Square, You can see the stage for events  in the centre of the picture at the far end.

I am just having a glass of wine and waiting for the next event to start.  They seem to have a more laid back attitude to food hygiene here than back home; no one seems concerned at having the cat on the table!

Free gifts are available in several of the shops including free festival masks. Although whether any of them suit me I leave for you to decide.

There is a schedule of events on display in the Piazza San Marco which I understand is being updated with additional events being run.

 Why not see if you can manage a visit or two before the festival closes.

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