Thursday, 21 April 2016

NOELIA Island - Second Life

 Have you ever visited somewhere and enjoyed it so much that you couldn't wait to get back to tell the world about it? Well it has happened to me  and the place is Noelia Island in Second Life.

Noelia Island designed by Ida Carlberg and her partner, Lyshco, is actually not one but  three islands  as you can see below.

The main building on the archipelago is a Tuscan Villa set high up on the hillside of the main island accessible by a Camellia lined path past a terraced vineyard.

It is at the Villa itself that I first noticed the attention to detail which for me makes this sim so enjoyable, the washing line with the attendant washing basket, the potted plants with nearby watering cans, the  careful placement of tables and chairs,  and together with the house furniture and ornaments nothing seems out of place.

The remainder of the main island delights as much as the house itself, with several secluded areas to rest or perhaps engage in a romantic cuddle.

I like the way Ida uses animals and water to add movement  and sounds to the sim making it feel more alive rather than a static 3d picture. Although you have to be alert to water sprinklers turning on!

The second largest island is reached either by a rope bridge

or for the more adventurous a zip line
The second island is named a Meditation Sanctuary  and has both an imposing statue of the Buddha 

and a shrine to Ganesha and Shiva.

I know I have not mentioned the cave, the dogs, the vegan cafe, the bumper boats, the canoe, the roundabout, rideable Dolphins, Magical stone of Wisdom, and.... ... well you get the idea, but I really want to get back to Noelia Island  NOW so this is all I will write for now.

The windlight used in these photographs is TOR] MIDDAY -  which I felt gave more of a warm Mediterranean feel than the region one.

Noelia Island has its own flicker group and webpage.

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