Sunday, 31 January 2016

Oubliette Closing - Second Life

Oubliette home of Evie's Closet and Balderdash is due to close first week of February, possibly as early as tomorrow.

A board stands where the entrance to the shop used to be:

To remind you of what we are about to lose please see blogs from Yana and Eddi Haskell.
So if you want to stand in those cold grey corridors one last time, I recommend a visit today.

I am delighted to say that  Evie's Closet remains Inworld though somewhat reduced in size;  I have no news regarding Balderdash

Oubliette is no more - Picture taken 1.00am SLT 1st February 2016.

The green space in this picture is where the Oubliette sim once stood, to the right is Wanderstill, Ode. Although I have been a Second life resident for five years now, I  still find the way apparently long established islands and cities can disappear in an instant, a little disconcerting.


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