Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Plain of Jars, Tefa of Sand in Second life

From the notecard of Fitch Lekvoda received on arrival
"The Plain of Jars, a vast plain of hundreds upon hundred of massive stone urns and ewers, the makers long since lost to antiquity along with their purpose...

Some recall the legend of the giant king's victory banquet. believing the jars to be the leftover alcohol vessels from that banquet.  Others think of a more mundane purpose, to collect rain water for passing caravans....

Whatever their purpose, the Plain of Jars awaits silently for the intrepid to come and explore it's mysteries."
There are a lot of Jars here, the notecard states that "1029 urns, ewers, jars. and vases were used for this build" and while I have not counted them I certainly would not question that number.
At first glance it is hard to judge the scale of all these vases, so I have overcome my natural shyness to pose in this picture near the centre.

Extraordinary as it may seem the Plain of Jars exists in real life..  There are several Neolithic sites in Laos identified as Plains of Jars and their is considerable speculation as to their original purpose.

Apart from the Jars stretching away to the horizon there is little else to be seen apart from two trees.
The Plain of Jars is a place to visit for SL bloggers, photographers and for the curious too. Perhaps you can discover the purposes of this jar site, as not everything is immediately apparent.

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