Saturday, 10 December 2016

American Museum of Women in Civil Services, City of New River, Wolf Haven, Second life

While talking to Elliot (ladyangeldust) the owner/designer/curator of The Women of Science History Museum, it was revealed that a further Museum had only recently been completed and I was invited over to take a guided tour; of course I jumped at the chance.

The American Museum of Women in Civil Services is housed in an unassuming two story brick building  within the City of New River residential/role play sim. The layout of the Museum is very similar to that of the  Women of Science exhibition, eleven women are included with a display for each woman which includes photographs, and an informative biography, Notecards are also available for each woman which you obtain by clicking on a white star placed prominently on the display. The occupations of the women includes Firefighters, Soldiers, Police, National Park Warden, and members of the Military Forces. .

Whilst perhaps not having such a broad appeal as the  Women of Science Museum I still found the displays of considerable interest.  None of the Women's stories were previously known to me I have spent sometime since visiting researching more information on these  pioneers,  and others with similar histories but based in UK.