Monday, 2 January 2017

PeTOu, Everheart in Second Life

I recently discovered PeTOu, a new sim owned by υϯα(xoyuutaox) the former owner of Roche which sadly closed back in September this year.
At ground level PeTOu is a winter snow covered sim full of photographic opportunities; a snowman here, a huge snowglobe there, a house next and so on.  I wish I could spend more time exploring but to do so would risk this blog never being completed.
At the arrival point you are greeted with five useful teleports which take you to The Church, and Cafe. both at ground level, and Japonsky, Roofs of Paris, and Koi which are skyboxes/platforms.
Two pictures of the interior of the very detailed Cafe.
Japonsky is a place of flowers, lights and bridges and goldfish floating in the air, Far more interesting than it sounds from my description.
I really like Koi, the base for which is "My Little Pond"  by{-Maru Kado-} and Mato, and increased in size many hundreds of times and imaginatively decorated.  To give you an idea of scale, I am in the picture on the right hand side sitting on a ring chair.
The last teleport takes you to Roofs of Paris by Marie Lauridsen.

PeTOu is a an interesting a beautiful place and I highly recommend a visit for SL Explorers and Photographers alike.