Saturday, 14 October 2017

Milly Sharple's 'Creations' Cynefin, Second Life

Back in August, artist Milly Sharple, retired from the Second Life Arts scene, closing the doors of her “Fractal Insanity” exhibition at Timamoon bringing to an end a nine year career in virtual art, but such was the clamour from disappointed supporters that Milly has relented and opened a small gallery  “to keep the peace”
.Milly is perhaps most famed for her beautiful and very striking fractal art, however the new gallery shows a new phrase in her work “ The reason I called the gallery ‘Creations  is that the art is mixed media – combinations of photography , fractals and various other media and filters.
 If like me you fall in love with Milly’s work you will the pleased to know that all the pictures are for sale and you can even buy them in the real world
 Milly Sharple's new gallery Creations, Cynefin, Alma.

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