Monday, 13 March 2017

Festival of Hanatoro. - Kyoto Kagai, Midnight Sun in Second Life

One of the delights of Second Life is the huge diversity of experiences available. For example on Sunday I received an invitation to attend  the Festival of Hanatoro being held in Kyoto Kagai to coincide with the real life Festival being held in Hanatoro (花灯路, Hanatōro), which means "flower and light road Kyoto.
 During the Festival of Hanatoro live and street performances are held at stages around the area and it was one of these being replicated in Kyoto Kagai that I had gone to see performed by the Maiko of Hanafusa at the Yasaka Shrine  
 We were treated to performances of three traditional Fan Dances (Maiougi Sensu) by the Maiko, while stories were related, including the supernatural Japanese Folklore myth "The Golden Hairpin"
Hanafusa Okiya take a pride in the authenticity and accuracy of their dances  and stories, you can see a real life performance of the same event here.

If like me you would like to experience a traditional event, perhaps witness another Fan Dance or attend a Tea Ceremony you will find more information via the Hanafusa Okiya Blog.
I hope to visit Kyoto Kagai, Midnight Sun again soon and take some more pictures especially now it is Cherry Blossom time.