Tuesday, 21 November 2017

La Club 2020 & Friends in Second Life

Shrek, Annie & Donkey
I was looking through a recent blog by Japanese Second Lifer Yana, when my attention was drawn to a picture of her posing with Shrek. Jealous of her meeting such a famous celebratory I decided to investigate further and found myself at LA Club 2020& Friends.
Donald Duck & in the distance Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Owned by Nhaomi Morrisey, LA Club 2020 is a music club with an impressive line up of  live acts five days a week. Currently surrounding the dance floor is a snow scene full of photo opportunities and this is where I concentrated my time today..
LA Club 2020
Dancing with Dumbo
I am slightly nervous of the cat
Discussing the set up for the next shot with Snow White

Nhaomi Morrisey owner of LA Club 2020
LA Club 2020 can be found on Facebook and Flickr,  and details of their acts can be found in their Events Calendar. 

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