Sunday, 26 November 2017


The Forest - Winter Wonderland
I was reading through Second Life travel blogs when I noticed that Veyot referred to a sim, 'The Forest'  as a 'cheerful winter place.' I felt like a bit of winter cheer, so I put on some warm winter clothes and set off to explore. On arrival, the first place I found was the Tree Farm:
Collecting our Tree from the Twin Pines Tree Farm
The signs at the arrival point promised skiing, sleigh rides,ice skating, train rides, a ski lift, winter walks and more,  and I honestly meant to do something energetic, however the Hot Chocolate Bar right next to the Tree Farm was very tempting:
The tempting Hot Chocolate Bar
and so I settled down against a very comfortable Reindeer for a nice warming drink:
A very comfortable Reindeer
With the drink finished and the Reindeer restless, it was off up the ski-lift
The ski lift which does not pause at the top!
At the top of the mountain we found the North Pole Toy Co with the Great Man himself sat outside taking a break with his sledge parked at the side of the building.
The Great Man Himself
With so much crisp white snow about , we just had to try our hand at building a snowman:
Building a snowman
To get back down the mountain apart from using the ski lift again we had a choice of skis, saucer sledge, or conventional sledge
Free saucer sledge, skis and basic sledge all available
Somewhat recklessly I chose the saucer sledge:
I am not sure if you can see the fear in my face from this distance!
With the day drawing to an end there was just time for a ride on the train:
Riding in the train to round off the day.
So the day came to an end, I must go back and try the ice skating rink, shop  and walks
Here is the taxi to The Forest Winter Wonderland; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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