Sunday, 8 April 2018

Returning to Cherishville in Second Life

Camels cross the rolling dunes
It was recent as late February that I last visited Cherishville the Homestead designed by Lam Erin  and  and at that time the sim was a wetlands with Pelicans and Cormorants in residence,  so I was surprised to see a wonderful picture from Damatjo Magic showing Elephants and describing the previously waterlogged Cherishville as a desert sim

Although still a home to shops, Soul Identity, selling Avatar accessories and  Ohemo, a Fashion and & Decor store, Cherishville has indeed been transformed, the boats, fish and sea birds have all gone, being replaced by Camels crossing rolling dunes of sand, and a watering hole being used by Elephants and Zebra,  watched by Lions and Tigers.

Big cats watch the animals at the watering hole with great interest
This version of Cherishville will only remain for a month or so, Lam is already planning a summer build. So come and visit and bring your camera!

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