Thursday, 28 January 2016

! Countryside, Habitat Springs - Second Life

I look through flickr daily and two posts, one from Michiel Bechir  and the other from
Dick Spad caught my eye recently, they were both for ! Countryside, Habitat Springs. so having piqued my interest, I thought I would take a look; and what an absolute gem the sim turned out to be.

On my arrival at the landing point at ! Countryside I was  greeted by  two stern faced Garden Gnomes carrying placards;presumably in case any Lindens ever visit!
A pace or two later a sign attached to a tree proclaimed  the area to be a Wildlife Safety Zone,  No Hunting, Fishing, Trapping or Motorised Vehicles. Hiking, Nude Photography and Nature Study Permitted.

Stepping on past the sign took me into a wildlife haven filled with flowers  birds and animals at every turn; some of them less easy to see than others, careful exploring will  pay dividends in what you may find.
lark sparrow (Chondestes grammacus
I would recommend turning off the music stream and just listening to the woodland sounds of birds, dragonflies, and flowing streams;  it really adds to the feeling of being in a woodland

A special mention has to be made about the animated birds dotted around. Their maker,  Morgan Garret of Grizzly Creek Digital Arts,  has created amazingly lifelike little feathered wonders and all at just 3 prims each.

Baltimore oriole (Icterus galbula

The old barn with the tractor and the basketball hoop above is so Indiana. I half expected to see Jimmy Chitwood outside practising his shots.

Notice that the pencil animation in the picture below is for the left hand, and  if you look very closely at the picture taken in the workshop, the pen is placed on the left hand side of the blueprint. Could it be that  Dicky Spad  is left handed? Or am I  suffering the after effects of watching too many episodes of Elementary!

Countryside is a great place to visit, for Second life photographers and  lovers of nature.  With a few fire-pits, picnic blankets and benches placed in more secluded parts of the woodland it is also a nice place to bring a partner.

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